Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA – Time to Go in Again


June 30, 2020 by Deborah W. Trotter

Two weeks ago, while it was technically still springtime, I was able to visit my favorite National Park again for the first time in 2020. We drove in twice, the first time in the afternoon of a chilly, cloudy day, and we only drove to the Lassen Peak trail parking lot at the highway summit. The second time was the next day, when it was warmer, skies were blue, and we drove all the way from the south entrance to Manzanita Lake at the north entrance, and back again. After months of staying at home, getting back to my park expanded my world, which in turn expanded my spirit.

Although the highway through the park was open, most campgrounds and trails were still closed by lingering snow, so we got out of the car only to take photos, walk among the snow plants and along the shore of Manzanita Lake, breathe, exhale and breathe again the mountain air, and smell the park waking up for the summer.

Following are some photos of this June 2020 visit to the park.

Lassen Peak and Manzanita Lake
Lassen Peak rises above Kings Creek flowing through Kings Creek Meadow
Lassen Peak above Lake Helen, less frozen than the day before

I am hoping we can return to Lassen sometime again this summer, see more flowers, inhale more outdoor scents, hear the sounds of the mountains, and take a hike or two. We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA – Time to Go in Again

  1. Kyle Funakoshi says:

    Beautiful – I can’t wait to get out to Lassen!

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